Texting while driving increases risk of crashing

Don't text while driving as a new study suggests that doing so increases the risk of a crash much more than talking or listening on...

70m diabetics in India by 2015: Study

India is heading towards a diabetic explosion with 70 million people to be affected by 2015, a decade ahead of expectations.

UV radiation blinding rural folk, finds study

Why is every alternate person in rural India above the age of 40 blinded by cataract when only one in five in cities has the disease?

OTC EC and abortion pills cause menstrual problems

Gynaecologists have noticed a sharp spike in cases of menstrual complications among young women who are repeatedly using OTC EC and...

Men who do household chores more likely to marry

According to University of Oxford, Men who do household chores are more likely to marry a girl of their choice.

Why dentures? Grow new teeth

Scientists in Japan have managed to grow teeth from stem cells, a development that could make dentures redundant.

Breast cancer cases surge as cervical dips

Fewer women in India now suffer from cervical cancer - counted among the worst of killers. However, breast cancer cases have shot...

Homeopathy can cure swine flu, claims practitioner

At a time the country is grappling with H1N1 virus and Tamiflu tablet is belived to be the only solution, a well-known medical practitioner...

Now, an HIV blocking gel for women

Scientists have developed a "molecular condom", which they claim is a vaginal gel to help protect women from contracting HIV during...

New wave of Swine flu could sicken millions

As countries grapple with the Swine flu, experts have warned that a new wave of the deadly virus is ready and could sicken millions.

Synthetic bedding 'can cause asthma'

A new study has claimed synthetic bedding can aggravate asthma more than feather products as it contains high levels of fungal cells.

Cadila to apply for clinical trials for swine flu vaccine

Cadila Pharmaceutical will seek the govt's nod in two days for initiating clinical trials for a vaccine against swine flu.

India should trains its doctors in infectious diseases

With India battling swine flu, an eminent Indian-American doctor has said it is the right time the government in the country accelerate...

A cot mattress that mimics the womb

It's a dream come true for tired-out-moms, a revolutionary new cot mattress which mimics the sensation of the womb to keep babies...

'Havan' for bacteria-free homes: Study

Want to lead a healthy life and free your home from bacteria? Perform 'havan' at regular intervals.

A sweeter broccoli to cut heart diseases

Scientists claimed to have developed a new variety of broccoli that is not only grown naturally, but also tastes sweeter and has 40%...